How To Make A Grilled Chicken Sandwich That Joey Tribianni will Approve

Learn the secret behind Joeys love for sandwiches by trying out this simple recipe of grilled chicken sandwich that will be ready in minutes!Every time I think of sandwiches, the one person that always comes to mind is 'Joey Tribianni', one of the most popular characters from  'F.R.I.E.N.D.S' sitcom. His love for a sandwich, one of the longest troupes of the show, is something that a food lover would relate to! Sandwiches are the perfect dish for all meals of the day. Whether you are thinking of breakfast, lunch or dinner, a sandwich goes well for all. This is the perfect meal as it is an all-in-one dish. While some people find it difficult to cook non-veg at home, the easiest way to try cooking chicken is to make it in a sandwich. The simplicity of a grilled chicken sandwich results in an artful meal that you'd want to enjoy on a special occasion. 
So, if you a want yummy breakfast for celebrating the arrival of Friday or you want a quick appetiser to serve at a dinner party, serve chicken sandwiches and make everybody's tummy happy!
This grilled chicken sandwich recipe is no-muss and no-fuss. To prepare your chicken, all you need to do is boil it. If you want smokey flavour from your chicken then you stir fry it instead of boiling, cook the chicken according to taste. Another quick tip to make this grilled chicken sandwich recipe is that you don't need a griller to grill the sandwich, simply pan-fry your sandwich on a tawa and the grilled crispy texture will appear on the bread. The best part about this sandwich is that it will be ready in minutes, thanks to the simple and easy steps of the recipe.