Recognizing healthcare workers on National Nurses Day!

Wisconsin is experiencing a serious nursing and nursing faculty shortageThursday was National Nurses Day!
It’s a day to thank nurses and other healthcare workers for all the hard work they do.
Lauren Kachel started out as a nurses aid and has now been a nurse for the past five years at Mayo Clinic in La Crosse.
She also worked among different departments during the pandemic and took care of COVID patients in the hospital.
A challenging year to say the least.
Kachel said, “But definitely in the last year, the public has definitely revered us at a higher level. So that’s been really sweet to us. We really appreciate that because sometimes we don’t always stop and think about it ourselves. So to have other people tell us and point it out has been really special.”
A lot of these health professionals had an extremely challenging year because of COVID and had to put in extra long hours or take extra shifts to cover for the higher number of patients or staff that may have been out sick or had to quarantine during COVID.
According to the 2020 RN Workforce Report, Wisconsin’s Nursing Programs in less than ten years  will see a 58 percent reduction in nurse faculty.  At the same time, in less than ten years 32, 000 RNs plan to leave direct patient care.