COVID-19 Update: Fauci Says Relaxing Restrictions Now is “Inexplicable”; and more

As of Thursday, March 4, 2021, here are the latest COVID-19 numbers around the world, according to statistics aggregator, Worldometer. 
  • World Cases: Over 115.9 million.
  • World Deaths: 2,574,224 deaths.
Countries Outside of the US with Most Infections:
  • India: 11,171,166 confirmed cases; 157,562 deaths.
  • Brazil: 10,722,221 confirmed cases; 259,402 deaths.
  • Russia: 4,278,750 confirmed cases; 87,348 deaths.
  • UK: 4,194,785 confirmed cases; 123,783 deaths.
  • France: 3,810,316 confirmed cases; 87,542 deaths.
India’s Vaccine is 81% Effective
India’s home-grown Covaxin vaccine is 81% effective against Covid-19, according to early data released this week. “Today is an important milestone in vaccine discovery, for science and our fight against coronavirus,” said Bharat Biotech chairman Dr. Krishna Ella. “Covaxin demonstrates high clinical efficacy trend against COVID-19 but also significant immunogenicity against the rapidly emerging variants.”