Men Take These Combinations To Last Longer On Bed

It’s common for a guy to wish his hood were bigger. But we have some good news for you, my dude: Research has shown that many men who worry about their hoods are actually totally normal or average in size.
Unfortunately, there’s a common misconception that’s reinforced by Mainstream that al bigger hood is necessary for pleasure. 
This couldn’t be more wrong. In fact, a study from 2017 concluded that a combination of deep kissing and oral are more likely to get a woman off—and none of those things require a man being well-endowed.
Bitter cola, this is extremely good for you but we love sweet things other than the one needed by the body. Bitter cola is a super booster to the body and supports your navigation.
Always drink water before going to bed,
this helps you clean the system, make (oga) ready and fresh by morning. This is naturally good for you. Again some see this as punishment we’ll try it and see.
Normal kolanut. 
This is what our grand pa and uncles in the village use and are scoring goals anyhow, I say kolanut o good gan.
Mix tigernut, date and coconut, this is the final booster, it gives you A1 in the game.
Blend and drink it like a smoothie
Take 3-4 times daily for full result and trust me you will be surprised with the out come
Wow this is when you say words can’t express or explain it but trust me it is the bomb. Everywhere will be active and strong and long.
So try this and appreciate later