15 foods you need to eat more

The topic of discussion here says, 15 more foods you need to eat before you die. This might sound crazy right?
Actually, this discussion is centered on the kinds of food which you may eat that will take you to an early grave. In this present age and time, there are about one thousand and one foods today in the world that we all want to explore and have a feel of how it taste without knowing that those foods are what we need to eat just to quicken the journey to the great beyond.
However, nobody wants to eat healthy and right these days. We have a lot of naturally made foods which we can eat to stay healthy and alive such as vegetables, fruits and other natural foods.
A lot of persons do not have the time to settle down to make a well prepared food to eat all because of their busy schedule and sometimes laziness therefore, they resort to eating foods that kill them slowly until they die. You might have explored so many foods already but these 15 more foods I am going to be listing today are what you need to eat before you finally fall ill and die. This is because these foods are not in any way good for your health. You only enjoy them because of the great taste that they have and because of the artificial sweeteners and flavourings which they contain. These artificial sweeteners are the chemicals it contains that cause harm to your health. Some of these foods contain extra fat ingredients that increases the level of cholesterol in your body which can cause heart attacks, diabetes cancers and the rest of them.
Now, let me quickly give you the list of 15 more foods that you need to eat before you die if you do not take precautions
1. Cronut: this is a kind of food that is classified in the family of doughnuts, but it is filled with flavoured cream which is one thing that when you keep eating, you will die slowly.
2. Burger dipped in loads of cheese: this is a sandwich that has one or more ground meat placed inside a sliced bread roll. It may be fried, grilled or smoked.
3. Beef: this is the one regarded as red meat and it is gotten from cattle. It is one of the foods you need to eat to send yourself to an early grave if you don’t take precautions. This is because it has negative health effects. So, in order to avoid dying untimely, you need to stay away from the consumption of too much beef
4. Cheese cake
5. Ice cream: this is another food that you enjoy on daily basis and need to eat before you die because ice cream is a sweetened frozen food made from cream and is flavoured with sweeteners such as sugar and other dangerous additives which are bad for your health.
6. Pizza: A lot of persons cannot do without this food called pizza. No doubt, it has a great taste, sweet and made from flour but at the same time, most of the ingredients mixed together to get the end result (pizza) could be what is killing you slowly and can have serious health implications which may cause you to die. So you are advised to eat with caution
7. Fries: This is one of the foods people eat on daily basis. It could be potato fries, yam fries etc. If you don’t want to fall ill and die untimely, desist from making fries your daily meal.
8 & 9 Cookies:
10. Chocolate
11. Sandwich
12. Buns
13. Fried Egg
14. Sharwama: this is one of the 15 foods you need to eat on daily basis to send yourself to an early death. This food contains red meat that is cut into thin slices and stacked in a foil folded in a cone shape and then roasted. It could be chicken, turkey or beef sharwama. This food is not a natural meal and instead of repairing your body tissues, it destroys and wears it off.
15. Carbonated drinks: they contain different chemicals that helps your health to deteriorate faster than you think because of the high content of dangerous additives used in producing them.
Having seen the 15 foods you need to eat before you die, you would at this point see that if you stay away from these foods and do more of natural foods, you will stay healthy and live a very long life. Nobody wishes to die young, but we must maintain a healthy eating in order to help our internal organs to function properly.
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