Hero nurses on the frontline are spending up to £150-a-week on Ubers to avoid infecting patients

NURSES on the frontline say they are spending up to £150 a week on taxis and Ubers to avoid infecting patients. 
Problems are most acute in London where staff have been asked to avoid buses and Tube trains on their daily commutes. 
One 26-year-old intensive care nurse at St Mary’s Hospital in Paddington, West London, said: “I can’t use public transport because the risk to my patients is too high. But I’ve spent £100 on Ubers in three days and can’t go on like this.”
The nurse, who earns less than £25,000-a-year, was spending about £15 each way on Ubers.
NHS staff nationwide have been promised free public transport but many fear they will take the virus to work.
A nurse who works at Cefn Coed Hospital in Cockett, Swansea, said she was paying £125 a week on taxis for 7am shifts.
She said: “I fully understand why bus services have been cut. But they cancelled the services which enable me to get to work.”
Licensed London taxis offer up to 50 per cent discount to NHS staff but their fares are still beyond most nurses’ means.
Lisa Elliott, London director of the Royal College of Nursing, said: “No one should be financially penalised for working to keep people safe.”
Nurses needed risk-free transport that “doesn’t leave them out of pocket”, she added.
Source; The Sun