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How a Plastic bubble brought joy to a French nursing home

The plastic bubble has brought joy to the residents of this French nursing home because now their family and even their dog, can visit. Photos: AFP/Denis Charlet Nathalie Szczepaniak caresses the hand of her husband Joseph, a care home resident, as the couple reunites after weeks without …


Heads of medical team from Kerala arrive in Mumbai 50 doctors and 100 nurses will arrive over next few days;  first mission will be to set up 600-bed Covid-19 facility at racecourse  The heads of a medical team from Kerala have arrived in Mumbai, following a request from the Maharashtra g…

Headache, stroke, seizure: Neurological symptoms of coronavirus infection decoded

The most common neurological complaints in COVID-19 are headache, loss of sense of smell and taste, stroke, impairment of consciousness, and seizure, according to a review of studies that may lead to improved clinical outcomes and better treatment protocol for coronavirus infection. New Y…

Covid-19 testing completed for nursing home residents and staff; no new cases found apart from 5 earlier ones

SINGAPORE - All nursing home staff members and residents have now been tested, said the Health Ministry (MOH).

12 Essential Things Nurses Should Have In Their Bags

As a nurse, you always need to be prepared. Having the right tools and supplies with you can help you respond to emergencies quickly. It also helps you be more effective at work.

Nursing Care Plan for Pain Management

Pain is one of the most common reasons why patients see their doctors. And despite the advances in technology and methods to relieve it, a lot of patients still experience undertreatment. This makes it important for nurses to have the skills not just in assessing the pain bu…


Achondroplasia  Pronunciation; /eɪˌkɒndrəˈpleɪziə,ə-, -ˈpleɪʒiə, -ˈpleɪʒə/  Specialty; Medical genetics  Symptoms; Short arms and legs, enlarged head, prominent forehead  Complications; Ear infections, hyperlordosis, back pain, spinal stenosis, hydrocephalus  Causes; Genetic (autosomal do…

Coronavirus: Germany plans to test everyone admitted to hospitals and nursing homes

A coronavirus testing facility in Saxony-Anhalt. Photo: DPA  Germany is set to introduce a new preventative coronavirus testing regime for the country’s nursing homes and hospitals. Everyone will be tested on arrival, even those without symptoms.  Under the new scheme, Germany plans to te…

Tuberculous meningitis

CT scan showing tuberculous meningitis  Other names; TB meningitis, Tubercular meningitis  Specialty; Neurology  Symptoms; Fever  Causes; HIV/AIDS, Alcoholism  Diagnostic method; Blood culture, CT scan  Treatment; Antibiotic therapy and corticosteroids  Tuberculous meningitis is also know…

Hero nurses on the frontline are spending up to £150-a-week on Ubers to avoid infecting patients

NURSES on the frontline say they are spending up to £150 a week on taxis and Ubers to avoid infecting patients.  Problems are most acute in London where staff have been asked to avoid buses and Tube trains on their daily commutes.

The government still doesn't know how many nursing homes have coronavirus outbreaks

Medical workers help a resident of St. Joseph's Senior Home in Woodbridge, N.J., board a bus on March 25, 2020, after a number of residents tested positive for the coronavirus. The lag in data collection is just one of a number of bottlenecks in the effort to slow the virus' deadl…

Meet The Nigerian Entrepreneurs Who Just Raised $10 Million To Transform Africa’s Healthcare

Helium Health cofounders (Left to Right): Dimeji Sofowora (CFO), Tito Ovia (Head of Growth), Adegoke Olubisi (CEO) HELIUM HEALTH For decades African hospitals had been operating entirely manually, from taking notes on paper on how many patients entered the hospital on any given day, to wh…

Melinda Gates says US coronavirus response is 'chaos,' gives Trump administration a D-minus grade

Co-chair of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Melinda Gates  KEY POINTS  "We have governors who are stepping up, luckily, but now we have 50 different homegrown state solutions instead of a national response," Melinda Gates said in an interview with Politico. Gates said tha…

Kano Patients Hold Doctors, Nurse Hostage

Two doctors and a nurse were on Thursday held hostage by COVID-19 patients at the Kwanar Dawaki Isolation Centre in Kano State.

How does the brain link events to form a memory? Study reveals unexpected mental processes

The hippocampus is a region of the brain largely responsible for memory formation. Credit: Salk Institute  A woman walking down the street hears a bang. Several moments later she discovers her boyfriend, who had been walking ahead of her, has been shot. A month later, the woman checks int…

Freedom! In France, a nursing home takes on COVID-19 and wins

LYON, France (AP) — As the coronavirus scythed through nursing homes, cutting a deadly path, Valerie Martin vowed to herself that the story would be different in the home she runs in France.

Nearly 100 people may have died from coronavirus at a nursing home in New York City

Isabella Center, New York. (CNN) - There are 98 people who may have died from Covid-19 at the Isabella Center in New York City, according to a statement from the geriatric care facility.

Neonatal meningitis

Neonatal meningitis The meninges Specialty; Neonatology Neonatal meningitis is a serious medical condition in infants that is rapidly fatal if untreated. Meningitis is an inflammation of the meninges, the protective membranes of the central nervous system, is more common in the neon…

Did Bill Gates Tell George Magazine That an ‘Over-Populated Planet’ Would Fall to a ‘Lung-Attacking Virus’?

Bill Gates was featured in a 1997 issue of George magazine, but so were other people.

Eyes Clean Themselves in Much The Same Way Brains Do, Mouse Study Shows

Scientists have discovered that eyes and brains in rodents seem to have uncannily similar drainage systems used for self cleaning, and there's reason to think this might apply to us, too.

Nursing Homes Ireland concerned about access to PPE

The group representing private and voluntary nursing homes expressed concern about the availability of face masks in the coming weeks following guidelines to healthcare staff by the Health Protection Surveillance Centre (HSPC).