Biggest Bedroom Worries For Men

Men worry about a lot of things in their sex life. Performing in bed is one of them. It is not something they would admit for fear of being labelled sissy. One of the most common problems men worry about is performance anxiety in having sex. The thought of whether they would be able to satisfy their partners bugs them a lot. In the same way, they also worry about getting an erection when it is time.
Let us have a look at some most common bedroom worries men have –
1. Will excessive masturbation make me infertile? There have been no case identified yet in which masturbation was recognised as the cause behind infertility. Regardless of the good or bad effects of masturbation on health, it is hardly possible that you would have masturbated too much to be able to conceive.
2. I want to do it but she doesn’t Do not pressurise or force the your into sex. Coerced sex can never be satisfactory for you and your partner. She deserves her space and you need to understand this. By the way, waiting might be worth it!
3. I do not want to be intimate so soon – It may be hard to believe but some men do face the situation in which their partner is the one who wants to start having sex. You may not be mentally prepared for it but fear that she will leave if you refuse. Your partner is only going to respect you more if you tell her that you are not ready. She will be willing to wait.
4. Does size matter? What if my size is not adequate? – You must have already heard that size does not matter. The most sensitive nerves of vagina are on its outer part. So, keeping your woman happy may not require deep thrusting. You should make for lack of size with other skills of arousal.
5. Performance anxiety – This is the most common of bedroom worries for men. You do not need to harp on it all the time. Be relaxed in your act of love making and keep the thoughts of not being able to perform away, because that will surely bring it about. If you are used to alcohol before having sex, abstain or keep it to a minimum as it can bring on temporary impotence.
The worries about having sex in men are not confined to the five mentioned above but they are the most commonly experienced by them.