Taking Care of Sensitive Teeth

If you are suffering from sensitive teeth – or dentine hypersensitivity – the chances are you haven’t been caring for them properly; you have neglected them to an extent where they hurt when you bite into cold or hot things and cause you a lot of discomfort accordingly. However, there are means of tackling this unfortunate problem. We will look at ways of taking care of sensitive teeth.
Sensitive teeth is a physical feeling when the nerves inside the dentin of the teeth are exposed to different elements; this feeling can range from a slight discomfort to a sharp-shooting pain. The causes for sensitive teeth can vary, and they range from general wear and tear to decaying teeth due to neglect.
A recent study showed that 57 per cent of people suffered – to some degree – from sensitive teeth, with the 30-39 age bracket seems the most instances. Most of these people cited cold things are the reason for the pain, but others mentioned hot and sweet stimuli as well. These figures are a lot higher than had been envisaged by dental experts.
So what can you do to take care of your sensitive teeth?
  • The first thing you should do is discuss the issue with your dentist. Explain your pain, your symptoms, and he should be able to seal the sensitive area with a bonding agent – or a fluoride gel – which can be rubbed into the sensitive teeth and gums after your daily brushings. Over time, this will cure the pain which is observed from sensitive teeth.
  • Use a tooth-brush with ultra-soft bristles; these can be found in any pharmacy or dental shop. Avoid brushing your teeth in a horizontal method as this exposes the roots more so than with the vertical method.
  • Your dentist should be able to prescribe you with the most effective toothpaste for sensitive teeth. Some tooth-pastes are specifically produced and customized to deal with the problems of sensitive teeth.
  • Avoid the things which cause the pain until as such time as the problem has abated and resolved itself. If foods such as ice-lollies, or cold drinks wakes you wince with pain, then avoid them as best you can. Every time you indulge in sweet or sour foods such as candy, acidic foods such as wine and grapefruit juice, chew some sugar-free gum or brush your teeth – when practical to do so – to help the treatment progress. To take care of your sensitive teeth, keep these points in mind.